FNCS Major 2 2024 - Format, Schedule, and Big Drops (2024)

Another major event is upon us for competitive Fortnite, what is the FNCS Major 2 2024 and how can you get involved?

We’ve had an interesting time in Chapter 5 Season 2, already a few events deep with another Star Wars crossover coming soon. However, ticking away behind these flashy events has been the next round of the FNCS, or Fortnite Champion Series. This season we’re getting FNCS C5 S2 Major 2.

Each season of Fortnite Chapter 5 is being dominated by an FNCS tournament. Each has its own Majors, where teams are fighting for millions in prize money and a slot at the end-of-year LAN. Anyone can get involved and enter the FNCS Major 2 2024.

Even if your skill level isn’t quite up there to dominate Fortnite esports, there are even more FNCS drops planned to incentivize you to watch. If you want to see where the skill level in Fortnite right now tops out, the FNCS Major 2 is going to be a masterclass. This is what’s happening and how can you get involved.


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FNCS C5 S2 Major 2

FNCS Major 2 2024 - Format, Schedule, and Big Drops (1)

The Fortnite Champion Series is the premier competitive event for Fortnite. This is a longer tournament, different from the regular Cash Cups we get through the season. Instead, it’s multiple seasons across a few weekends.

Teams will gradually clock up points on the leaderboard over individual sessions. Those who place highest will move on to the Grand Finals. The winners of these Grand Finals also move forward to the end-of-year Fortnite Champion Series LAN. That’s happening later this year in Texas.

How exactly will the whole tournament work? This is how the FNCS Major 2 tournament is set up and when you can catch the FNCS C5 S2.

FNCS Major 2 2024 Format

FNCS Major 2 2024 - Format, Schedule, and Big Drops (2)

The format for the FNCS is pretty familiar to long-time players. However, it has seen some changes this year.

The whole schedule begins with the opening qualifying rounds. In these, we get a weekend session each week. Players are trying to earn points in a session to move forward to the finals.

After that, we’ll see a bye-week. That’s essentially just a break! Epic is keeping the tournament build of the game separate from pubs, no wacky Avatar mythics here. However, the bye week will let everyone take a week to regroup before things get serious.

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We then see a Semi-Final, followed by a Grand Final. The format for each week is pretty similar. However, the Grand Finals whittle it down to just a single lobby, with all of the top Fortnite players competing together. Although, we’re obviously separated by region still.


That’s how the FNCS Major 2 tournament will work, but when can we actually catch these events? This is the schedule for the second round of the FNCS Major 2 2024. The events where you can pick up FNCS drops.

  • Week 1 (3 Rounds) – April 13-16
  • Week 2 (3 Rounds) – 20-23
  • Week 3 (3 Rounds) – April 27-30
  • Surge Week (LCQ 1 Round) – May 5-7
  • Grand Finals – May 12-14

Each week a number more players will move on. The 200 highest-placing Duos in Round 1 go to Round 2. Then, the top 50 highest-ranked players there move forward to the Finals. This ensures it’s the best players who make it to the final round of the FNCS C5 S2.

This schedule is running us pretty close to the end of the Season! Although, with Fortnite X Star Wars dominating the last few weeks of the game it’s good we’re seeing the FNCS wrap up before then.


FNCS Major 2 2024 - Format, Schedule, and Big Drops (3)

The prize pools for Fortnite are always huge. It’s one of the best-funded games in esports, when you consider just how many regions are getting identical prize pools. What’s at stake in this major though? There’s a total prize pool of $2,001,200 for this event.

The prize money is great, but also at stake here are qualifying slots for the LAN. More players are qualifying this time around too, not just the top-ranking team of the last Major. These are the slots up for grabs in each region of the FNCS Major 2 2024.

  • EU – 5 Duos Qualify
  • NA – 3 Duos Qualify
  • Brazil – 1 Duo Qualifies
  • Oceania – 1 Duo Qualify
  • Middle East – 1 Qualifying Duo
  • Asia – 1 Qualifying Duo

The EU region is continuing to get the lion’s share of the slots at the Grand Royale. If we look at where the Fortnite player base is concentrated though, it makes sense to get some extras here. NA gets extra slots too, with the others all getting one.

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The way the tournament is laid out this year, you’ll see even more players qualifying in C5 S3 Major 3 event.

FNCS Drops for Major 2

FNCS Major 2 2024 - Format, Schedule, and Big Drops (4)

That’s how it’ll work for competitors, but what if you’re sitting it out? There’s still the opportunity to grab drops by watching the FNCS C5 S2 drops. There are free Fortnite cosmetics available if you tune in for the tournament.

As has become common recently, Epic has raided their closet of unreleased items for the FNCS Major 2 drops. There’s a decent number of items you’ll be able to unlock by watching the FNCS Major 2 2024.

To unlock the new FNCS drops, you’ll need to tune in during the overall Major, with a drop for each week. You can watch in a few different ways. There are official streams online but also the Legends Landing in-game map is the easiest method and the only way to grab drops. These are all of the ways to watch.

  • Twitch
  • YouTube
  • Competitive Fortnite on Twitter
  • Facebook Page for Competitive Fortnite
  • TikTok for Competitive Fortnite
  • Legend’s Landing (Map Code 3303-7480-5925)

These are all of the places you can watch the tournament. There are other broadcasts available in different languages too, not just English anymore.

Tune in through these platforms and you’ll be able to collect the following items as FNCS Drops for Major 2.

  • FNCS Neon Emoticon (Week 1 Drop)
  • Tie Dye Drift Emoticon (Week 2)
  • Champion Thunder Spray (Week 3)
  • Highwire’s Hot Pursuit Loading Screen (Surge Week)
  • FNCS Defender Back Bling (Grand Finals)

The drops are available through watching on the Legends Landing page! Just jump in and you’ll get your rewards for watching a decent amount of FNCS C5 in S2.

That’s how the whole tournament is going to work. This will be the highlight of Chapter 5 Season 2 esports. The Aspects of the gods are active again, even though they’re out of the base game.

The cumulative tournament will also mean the stakes are much higher at the FNCS Major 2 2024. Whether you’re competing to try and get to the final or just tuning in for drops, this tournament won’t be one to be missed.

FNCS Major 2 2024 - Format, Schedule, and Big Drops (5)


Ashley is a dedicated Fortnite player, in hour 3,000 of trying to finish above 90th.

FNCS Major 2 2024 - Format, Schedule, and Big Drops (2024)
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