11 Engaging Activities for Black History Month · Kayse Morris (2024)

February is one of my favorite times to be a teacher! Activities for Black History Month include some of my favorite people to celebrate. I love using the word “celebrate” because teaching my students about these historical people is so important. We celebrate their lives and discuss their hardships and how they endured them with integrity and grace. Black History Month started in 1976, and Americans have observed this month ever since. Teaching Black History Month facts for kids is such an important part of my classroom in the month of February (and every month, for that matter). The month is short, and it’s vital to squeeze in as many activities for Black History Month as possible, so I’ve put together my top 11 engaging activities for Black History Month down below.

Black History Month: Barack Obama

I love to start with a person who my students know and remember well. We kick off our Black History Month celebration with President Barack Obama. Children love to get to know interesting facts about Obama. We chat about Barack Obama’s pets and Barack Obama’s first inaugural address. After that it’s time to move into more important facts and, of course, some fun crafts. Check out some of our activities below :

George Washington Carver

What an amazing man was George Washington Carver! He was inspirational, motivational, and makes me want to become a better person. George Washington Carver developed so many advances in horticulture, and, of course, the peanut plant, and even went on to lead horticulture at the Tuskegee Institute. One of my favorite George Washington Carver quotes : “Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.” Click on any of the photos to see more of the unit.

These visual vocabulary cards are one way we display our Black History Month-related words on our word wall.

Black History Month: Ruby Bridges

I don’t even know where to begin with Ruby Bridges. I fell in love with this woman back in high school when I discovered the bravery and courage she had exhibited as such a small girl. Sharing my passion and love for this icon of history with my students is really a highlight of the unit for me. In addition to beginning school in New Orleans, the photographs of Ruby Bridges with US Marshals are a real reminder of how far we have come as a nation and the desegregation of schools. Here are some of my favorite Ruby Bridges activities for kids.

Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman fun facts for kids begin with one of my very favorite Underground Railroad WebQuests. You can find it here. Learning about Harriet Tubman is usually our introduction to slavery background.

Black History for Children and Foldable Books

These foldable books are so easy to use. Sometimes I print them front to back, and other times I print them as singles and use them in centers. You can check out these foldable books here.

Black History Month Organizers

Easy and quick organizers are a great way to engage students during Black History Month. Grab yours for free here.

Rosa Parks Activities

As most of you know, throughout Rosa Park’s life she had to fight her way through racial inequality. Many events that led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott shed light onto what happened on that monumental day when Rosa stood up (or rather, sat down) for her beliefs. I use this entire unit with my students every single year. It’s empowering. I also show this video of Rosa Parks.

Jackie Robinson Activities

Jackie Robinson’s early baseball career is where we begin our journey. In fact, Jackie began his career on April 15, 1947. The life of Jackie Robinson is one to be honored and remembered. We love doing this by creating our very own Jackie Robinson baseball card. Grab yours here.

Booker T. Washington Black History Month Activities

Why was Booker T. Washington important? He founded the Tuskegee Institute, an amazing school that devoted its time to training teachers and which was highly focused on agriculture. Here’s a fun activity to do with your students.

Garrett Morgan

We start our essential question on this day with this question: When did Garrett Morgan invent the traffic light? Needless to say, that question always sparks some major interest with my students. Here are a few of the activities we do with Garrett Morgan.

11 Engaging Activities for Black History Month · Kayse Morris (9)

Sojourner Truth Black History Month Activities

Want to know an interesting fact about Sojourner Truth? She was sold as a slave when she was 9 years old to a man named John Neely. She was a historical women’s rights activist and is well known for her women’s rights speech.

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11 Engaging Activities for Black History Month · Kayse Morris (2024)


What are the essential questions of Black History Month? ›

Below are some ways to infuse your lessons this February (and throughout the year) with inquiry-rich black history ideas.
  • Question: How have black inventors shaped our modern world? ...
  • Question: What roles did black people play in historical events? ...
  • Question: How did black Canadians contribute to the creation of Canada?

How do you acknowledge Black History Month at school? ›

Celebrate: Highlight achievements and contributions, including pre-colonial history and profiles of contemporary figures your students will recognize from politics, education, pop culture, sports, or other areas. While historicizing is important, avoid focusing solely on slavery and Jim Crow.

How kids can celebrate Black History Month? ›

Visit your local library. Local libraries often host free Black History Month events and activities for kids all month long. Some have book lists, movie nights, crafts and more. The New York Public Library also invites African American authors in to speak about their books.

How do we celebrate Black History Month today? ›


Today Black History Month continues the discussion of Black people and their contributions through activities such as museum exhibits and film screenings, and by encouraging the study of achievements by African Americans year-round.

What are 2 important facts about Black History Month? ›

It was first celebrated during the second week of February in 1926 to coincide with the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln (February 12) and abolitionist/editor Frederick Douglass (February 14). In 1976, as part of the nation's bicentennial, the week was expanded to a month.

What are 2 things you know about Black History Month? ›

Black History Month celebrates African Americans' history, contributions, and achievements. Almost 100 years ago, Black History Month began as a weeklong event. It's now a month-long celebration that takes place every February. Black history embraces the 400-year-long record of Black life in America.

What is the most important thing about Black History Month? ›

February marks Black History Month, a tradition that got its start in the Jim Crow era and was officially recognized in 1976 as part of the nation's bicentennial celebrations. It aims to honor the contributions that African Americans have made and to recognize their sacrifices.

What is the theme for Black History Month 2024? ›

The 2024 theme, “African Americans and the Arts,” explores the creativity, resilience and innovation from a culture that has uplifted spirits and soothed souls in countless ways across centuries.

What is Black History Month facts for kids? ›

February was chosen for Black History because of two important men — activist and freedom fighter Frederick Douglass and President Abraham Lincoln. Both men were born in the month of February, and both men played a role in the abolition of slavery.

What is the most famous invention by a Black person? ›

Top 10 Inventions by Black Inventors
  • Home Security Systems (1966) – Mary Van Brittan Brown. ...
  • Bonus:
  • Pacemaker (1964) – Otis Boykin. ...
  • Potato Chips (1853) – George Speck (aka. ...
  • Thermostat / Temperature Control (1935) – Frederick Jones. ...
  • Super Soaker (1990) – Lonnie G. ...
  • Touch-Tone Telephone (1987) – Dr.
Jan 30, 2023

Why is February Black History Month? ›

Woodson chose February for reasons of tradition and reform. It is commonly said that Woodson selected February to encompass the birthdays of two great Americans who played a prominent role in shaping black history, namely Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass, whose birthdays are the 12th and the 14th, respectively.

Is February Black History Month? ›

In 1976 the association that Woodson had founded (later renamed the Association for the Study of African American Life and History) facilitated the widespread institutionalization of February as Black History Month, and U.S. President Gerald Ford urged Americans to participate in its observance.

Why do schools celebrate Black History Month? ›

Black History Month encourages us to learn about the true history of America and strive for a better world. During February, we study the past and look forward to a future of social equity for all.

How do you celebrate Black History Month with your team? ›

From keynote speakers to lunch-and-learn sessions, here are our top Black History Month celebration ideas for the workplace.
  1. Year-round pledge. ...
  2. Wall of quotes. ...
  3. Moments and milestones. ...
  4. Amplifying voices campaign. ...
  5. Safe spaces. ...
  6. Trivia competition. ...
  7. Managing unconscious bias workshop. ...
  8. Mentoring program.

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